Culture of Georgia


Georgian   Kitchen

Culinary style, which stem from tsakartvelo established in the country for centuries. Significant differences between the country's regional kitchens. East Georgia, meat, wine, pureulisa and abundance of animal fat has been observed in the western Georgian kitchen nigvzita and pepper mixed with sauces, and dairy products mkhaleulis dishes stand out. Georgia wine, grapes are grown almost everywhere, wine pitcher concerns.



 Kakheti is famous venakhebita and excellent wine, local cuisine, traditional dishes: barbecue, Khashlama, khachapuri, and so forth. The local branches of the vine burns barbecue, barbeque taste makes it. Grape juice - it must prepare traditional sweets: Churchkhela and Tatara. Elongated shape of bread loaves baked in the region.


 Samtskhe - Javakheti


Samtskhe - javakhur delicacy is considered to be apokhti - salted and dried meat. Tatarberaki traditional dish - finely chopped Dough mokhakhrshuli slices of boiled butter in a stewed with onions to eat. Mulberry honey ნაყოფისგან ამზადებენ name - bakmazi. Meskhetian kitchen pride tenili cheese. Beekeeping is also developed.


There is a large range of products and a variety of baked goods with wheat foods: nuts, som, chatsekili bread, bazlava khmiadi and more.


Samtskhe - Javakheti several villages in the French-born Catholics. Lokokinebsa they eat, which collected since December. It should also prepare Gozinaki and honey instead of the mulberry honey - bakmazs use.



 Region, developed fruit, apples and peaches on a share. Developed viticulture. However, it is still famous for its soup kitchen Kartli. It belongs to the traditional meal to the local coalition, Dousa and gholos shechamandi bread kharcho. Here, as well as various herbs and vegetables used in the region. Especially popular are: beans, potatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, garlic, watercress, coriander, parsley and celery. Kartli is also renowned for its excellent mtsnileulobit, when representatives of particular note is pickled.


Mtiuleti , Tusheti , Pshavi , Lower  


Therefore, in particular in the eastern highlands of popular and traditional dishes: Khinkali, gordila (water boiled dough), yaghi (bred for meat), qarma, Kontora (cottage cheese gulsartiani khachapuri). Tush kitchen Guda pride.Pshav - khevsureti khinkali however, can produce both meat and cheese and potatoes as well. Highlands is another traditional dish khachoerbi by dzogan in dried, aged cheese teams are doing it. Another dish - khavitsi made from boiled butter, flour and sugar, it is sweet kadis gulsartada used. Famous local beer and vodka - zhapitauri.



 Imeretian cuisine and beautiful chqinti khachapuri cheese. Corn and khachapuri are usually used for baking clay pan. Mkhaleulita and poultry feed. Mkhaleuls Imereti kazmaven nigvzita and vinegar, grilled meat or sauces in the niortsqal today. Local people are proud tsovelebis shigneulobisa dishes - Kuchmachi. Traditionally, Imereti prepare mushroom dishes, signified Field mushrooms made from canned food and manchkvalas, which kept some of the salted winter. Amozelili locals favorite food is beans, which are often prepared with nuts or kvatsarakhit.




Like the traditional Svan Mengrelianas sulguni. Chvishtari traditional as well as a mixture of corn flour and prepared sulguni kveria and Conditions - stewed baked in bread, finely dakepili meat. Here's who all made tashmijabi gadazelili potato piurea. A separate note is the pride of the Svan Svaneti   M aryl - salt, mixed spice tsitsakita and other fragrant plants that gives food a unique flavor.


Racha , lechkhumi  


Rachuli cuisine famous dishes - shkmeruli, beans and Lobiani shechamandi the filling is made from beans seasoned with ham. Racha lobianebis.Machakhelata used for baking bread in a bakery. Racha specially prepared pork lors, which takes weeks of preparation.


Acharuli most diverse cuisine, it colors the whole Palitra. Here they are combined with a mountain of hard and soft aroma of the sea. Acharuli experiencing Turkish cuisine culinary cultural influence. Acharuli tkbileulebia: baklava and shakarlama. Kitchen mountain of dairy products prevails, it is greasy and heavy. Acharuli known seaside foreign spices, dried coriander and pepper. The most popular dishes are Acharuli: borano (chamdnari butter cheese), chirbuli (eggs and nuts, prepared breakfast) and These include sinori (nadughita and unleavened dough dried plates prepared dish).


Closing a beautiful kitchen - Sulguni, which is used to prepare various dishes. Samegrelo is distinguished as the most wonderful dishes such as: Ghomi (gherghilis thick corn porridge), Elarji (ghom in chazelili Sulguni), Gebjala (mint mixed cheese roll), jurjani (mixed with intestines). Mengrelians are known (like in other parts of Western Georgia) spicy food preparation, signified Closing Adjika and plums. One of the most popular types of khachapuri Imeretian and khachapuri with the Closing of the restaurants are very popular.